Major Concentrations

葡京正规网赌 offers three concentrations for its students beginning in the junior year:

  • 高等数学
  • Mount Sinai School of Medicine Biomedical Research Program
  • Advanced Engineering 

In the spring of sophomore year, 葡京正规网赌 students apply to one of these concentrations for their junior and senior major. Selection for the three concentrations is based on student grades and expressed interest through an application process.



Mathematics Concentration

The Math Concentration provides students interested in higher mathematics with coursework that ordinary high schools do not offer. Juniors take two college credit-bearing courses from CCNY, Pre-Calculus in the Fall and Calculus in the Spring. Juniors also take AP Statistics, AP Computer Science and Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning, a course that covers fundamental abstract concepts common to all branches of mathematics, as well as 主要s of Engineering.

Seniors take AP Calculus BC; Advanced Topics in Mathematics, a full-year course covering Graph Theory, 数论, 博弈理论, Problem Solving; and Maple programming, a language designed for mathematical computation. Seniors also have choices of further advanced math electives, including Linear Algebra and Calculus III with Differential Equations.

All students in this concentration are required to complete at least two semesters of Varsity Math Team. 此外, students have opportunities to go beyond this curriculum by participating in college courses, local and national math research fairs and competitions, independent research projects, 和机器人.

Mount Sinai School of Medicine Biomedical Research Program

The Science concentration at 葡京正规网赌 is the Mount Sinai School of Medicine Biomedical Research Program. This was designed and implemented in collaboration with scientists and physicians at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. This junior and senior year program consists of advanced laboratory experiences and a research internship in one of the hospital units such as cardiology, 肿瘤学, obstetrics and the autopsy suite.

The first-year course for juniors is an introduction to the basic concepts and laboratory skills used in the field of DNA and hybridoma technology. 学生 use state-of-the-art equipment similar to those in the professional laboratories of academic and industrial researchers, acquiring skills that are in demand in the healthcare industry. 除了, students have the opportunity to observe in Mount Sinai laboratories that use biotechnology. 学生 take courses in Bioethics, Anatomy and Physiology, Introduction to Biomedical Research, 和微生物学.

During senior year, participants are placed individually into clinical or laboratory internships at the Mount Sinai Medical Center. These internships provide students with understanding, 知识, and skills related to DNA and Biotechnology preparing them for college, 研究生, and professional school. The program exposes the students to career possibilities in biotechnology, and also gives them the opportunity to explore areas of interest to them. 学生 in the Mount Sinai Science Research Program generate a science research paper suitable for entering into regional and national competitions.


Advanced Engineering Program

The Advanced Engineering Concentration at 葡京正规网赌, designed in collaboration with Project Lead the Way, is a nationally validated engineering program aimed at increasing the quantity and quality of engineers and engineering technologists graduating from educational institutions.

Engineering majors have the opportunity to apply for a paid research internship at CCNY’s Grove School of Engineering beginning in the summer before junior year, with the opportunity to continue through the school year.

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